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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey 40% Vol. 3l

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The motto of Jack Daniel was "Everyday we make it, we'll make it the best we can". For him, this meant filtering his whiskey drop by drop through a three meter thick layer of charcoal from the sugar maple.

Seven generations later, whisky is still filtered in the same way Jack used to filter it.

The reason for this: Filtering gives it the unmistakable mildness that you'd expect from Jack Daniel's. The Charcoal Mellowing makes Jack Daniel's what it is: not bourbon, but a Tennessee whiskey.

This process refines the full taste of the whiskey, even more so when it is fully matured in casks of Jack Daniel's own production.

This is a laborious process that requires special attention and makes the whiskey a little more expensive to make. However, another process would not have met with Jack's approval.